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Company Off way was created by fans of off-road driving. The team specializes in the preparation of professional expeditions, tours, travel to different parts of Russia. The peculiarity of such an organization is the union with nature. Each trip has a goal not only to ride in jeeps in the mud, but also to reach unexplored before historical places.

Feature of the organization of trips


On our website you can choose the type of trip you want. The choice is available, both weekend trips, and longer and more complex expeditions to other regions of Russia to historical places in the marsh and woodlands.

The company offers the following types of travel:

  • Jeep tour - organization of trips on all-wheel drive vehicles equipped with forwarders and professionals;

  • Extreme trips on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) with departure to remote locations of the Moscow region;

  • Taxi on all-wheel drive cars (delivery to the most remote locations);

  • Emergency evacuator SUVs, stuck in the marshes or mud (often the urban tow truck will not pass to the marsh area, so it is necessary to use professional off-road vehicles);

  • Training in emergency off-road driving;

  • Carrying out corporate events and holidays with a visit to nature;

  • Pokatushka in jeeps and gift certificates.


The company for a long work experience gathered not only a broad base of like-minded (professional drivers), but also developed its own tracks. In the base of the locations there are dozens of little-known points, which include the old abandoned villages and buildings of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Each team that orders a professional tour off Off way, can learn a lot of information about the historical locations of Russia. Many tourists appreciate the architecture seen in the 19th and 18th centuries, old abandoned churches that are saturated with the atmosphere and the spirit of Russian culture.

Professional training


The company allows everyone to get a lot of adrenaline, having visited such an off-road trip. You can thus spend the weekend in the company of family or friends - we do not limit tourists by age or sex (if the tour is conducted on the company's cars with guides). Particular attention is given to the possibility of holding corporate holidays. The conclusion of such trips can become departure on the nature and quiet rest in the remote locations.

Professional guides have the skills of off-road driving. Each team machine was created individually. You will not find a jeep in the factory configuration - the models are equipped with professional equipment and tools. All this allows the machine to overcome deep pits, move lakes (up to one meter deep), felled trees, make their way through forests and swamps. The value of positive emotions is determined by the fact that each trip is individual. With our team you will not see staging races - all the obstacles are natural and natural. Each driver of our company is a professional guide who knows the terrain and history of the region.

In addition to organizing trips on our prepared cars with guides, you can get on a trip on your off-road car (it should be prepared). Periodically, the team organizes such trips. Their goal is to get acquainted with unfamiliar sights of Russia. Abandoned settlements and churches preserve the spirit of history and culture. Relax with your family or have fun with your friends on an extreme tour.

The price for such extreme tours is available and loyal to every connoisseur of extreme and natural rest. With our team you can see new and unknown, feeling bright emotions. Call our managers who will help you to choose an off-road tour at will.

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